CrossFit Lockhart – CrossFit


Clean and Jerk (4 min AMRAP @ 75%)

Perform as many clean and Jerks as possible @ 75%, in 4 minutes!


Metcon (Time)

Split the reps however you want

35/25 strict ring dips

80 GHD sit-ups or Med ball sit-ups

50/50 elevated lunges

5 min Plank

100m sled push

100 single leg V-ups
Ring dips: Use a band, a box, or perform as bench dips

Elevated lunges: start by standing on a plate (45lb or more stacked) then reverse lunge and make sure your knee can make contact with the floor.

Plank: accumulate 5 minutes

Sled Push: empty or with a plate or two. (choose a weight you can move very efficiently)

*Everything, but the sled push, can be split in any order and any amount of reps, as long as by the end of your workout, you have completed all the reps.